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My Epic – Broken Voice (2011)

My Epic - Broken Voice (2011)

Artist: My Epic
Album: Broken Voice
Release Date: July 5th, 2011
Style: Indie / Acoustic / Rock
Label: Facedown Records / Dreamt Records
Location: Charlotte, NC


My Epic are back with Broken Voice , an acoustic-based EP filled with beautiful misfit songs written during the creation of 2010’s Yet that didn’t quite fit with the sound of that album. Now the band has made a home for those songs, simply written then fleshed out in the studio, on Broken Voice .

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12 Stones – Only Human (2011)

12 Stones

Artist: 12 Stones
Album: Only Human
Release Date: September 12th, 2011
Style: Alternative / Rock
Label: Executive Music Group / Fontana / Universal
Location: Mandeville, Louisiana

12 Stones: Paul McCoy - Vocals; Eric Weaver - Guitar; Michael McManus - Drums; Justin Rimer - Guitar; Brad Reynolds- Bass;


12 Stones emerged from anonymity via their self-titled debut in 2002 and rose to prominence quickly. Singer Paul McCoy’s appearance on the debut hit from Evanescence “Bring Me To Life,” steady touring, and a strong connection to the growing fan base delivered sales of hundreds of thousands of copies. Potter’s Field (2004), Anthem for the Underdog (2007), and an EP titled The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (2010) followed, with cumulative sales of the band’s music exceeding two million units.


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WOW Series – WOW New & Next (2011)

WOW Series - WOW New & Next (2011)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: WOW Series: WOW New & Next
Release Date: July 12th, 2011
Style: Contemporary / Pop / Rock
Label: EMi / Word / Provident


July is typically a slow month for music at retail but WOW has come to the rescue! By leveraging the most popular brand in Christian music, WOW will introduce 12 new and developing artists and provide retail with an effective summer promotion to drive traffic. Here’s how it works: All WOW branded titles (Hits, Worship, Gospel) will be featured on endcaps or other promotional areas in retail. Consumers who purchase any WOW product will receive a FREE WOW New & Next CD sampler featuring the best new & developing artists for 2011. If by some chance a consumer HAS the entire WOW product line, they can also purchase the CD sampler for $2.99; but seriously, who has ALL the WOW titles…this promotion is built for the upsell!


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Sojourn – The Water and The Blood (2011)

Sojourn - The Water and The Blood (2011)Artist: Sojourn
Album: The Water and the Blood: The Hymns of Isaac Watts, Vol. II
Release Date: April 26th, 2011
Style: Americana Roots / Indie / Gospel / Alt. Rock
Label: Miles High Productions / Sojourn Records
Location: Louisville, KY



It is significant that Sojourn has released their new indie Christian album The Water and The Blood: The Hymns of Isaac Watts two days after Easter. Their seventh recording is timed perfectly to appreciate, reflect, and find more meaning in the sacred holiday.

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BEC Recordings – Summer Sampler [FREE!] (2011)

BEC Recordings - Summer Sampler [FREE!] (2011)

Artist: Various BEC Recordings Artists
Album: Summer Sampler (14 songs)
Release Date: Summer, 2011
Style: Contemporary / Pop / Rock
Label: BEC Recordings
Location: United States


BEC Recordings is the home record label to Adie, Jeremy Camp, Aaron Gillespie, Kutless, Bebo Norman, Hawk Nelson, Rapture Ruckus, Jessa Anderson, Ryan Stevenson, The Glorious Unseen, Manafest, Seventh Day Slumber, KJ-52. They also cover other Christian bands & artists which have or have had a great impact on the Cristian music scene along the way.


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