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VA – Christian Muzic (2010)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Christian Muzic
Release Date: 2010 (Unofficial)
Style: Rap/Hip hop/Rapcore/Hardcore/Rock/Trance/Electronica/Reggae/Dancehall

Track Listing:

00 Intro – In Irons
01 Christian Muzic – Junior Prophet, Holy Rollah, M
02 Ragamuffin Hip Hop - Christafari
03 Set your Affection Nerdmix - Discotronica
04 Raised In Harlem - T- Bone
05 No Plan B – Manafest
06 Christ In Ya Life – Monty G
07 Blood Stained Banner Cypha – Humble Tip
08 Living Clean (Remix) – Canton Jones ft. Double & Big Ran
09 He’s Coming - Papa San
10 A Million Blessings - lil’ Cray-Z
11 Sad Mary - E.SO
12 Saviour - Youth Alive NSW
13 lamentations – In Irons
14 The World Is A Thorn - Demon Hunter
15 Essence – Purple Sound
16 I Got You – 3D Remedy
17 Stop The Music – New Breed
18 Til I See You - Hillsong London
19 When I Call - Tonex
20 Amazing – Andy Hunter

Newworldson – You Set The Rhythm [Single] (2009)
Artist: Newworldson
Single: You Set The Rhythm
Album: Newworldson (Self-Titled)
Release Date: February 23rd, 2010
Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario
Style: Reggae / Roots / Soul
Label: Inpop Records

Inpop Records award-winning roots band Newworldson will release its anticipated, self-titled sophomore project Feb. 23, 2010. The record reflects the band’s experiences and growth since debuting its first national release, Salvation Station, nearly two years ago.

“Salvation Station was about Newworldson exploring the roots of gospel and Americana music,” explains Parisien. “The new album incorporates more of a world perspective, inspired by our visits to international markets where people of all cultures and backgrounds received our music openly.”

The band plans to support its sophomore effort this spring and summer in new territories, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Scandinavia, as well as to revisit major venues across North America.
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Lyrics here!

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Jadee – Get Back On Track (2009)

Jadee - Get Back On Track (2009)
Artist: Jadee
Album: Get Back On Track
Release Date: November 13th, 2009
Style: Caribbean Praise / Dancehall / Culture / Hip Hop / Gospel
Label: Jadee Records / Independent
Real name: Jerry Dane Sellier
Album Presentation: presents Jadee’s new album “Get Back on Track”, featuring the hit songs “Get Back On Track” and “Keep On Pressing” and fan’s favorite songs “I’m Ma Halla Jesus” and “Not In Ah Dat”. This album is something special, grab your copy now!

Once Lost:
It is a significant occasion when a musical artist at the peak of his career denounces everything and turns to Christ. At the age of fourteen Jadees song writing skills developed mimicking rap artist like Ice Cube, Bigge, Tupac and he fell in love with Hip Hop music. After following the dream of three years he landed a compilation deal with French based label Rituals records, he then decided to move on. ..continue

Now is found:
So with the help of Giselle (which is now his wife) and his sister together with everyone who was praying for him, Jadee eventually began to get conviction from God and began to read the holy bible. Even while performing through the 2001 Carnival season he found time to go to church. He gradually realized that he could not serve two masters at the same time. Praise God, in the month of March 2001, Jadee surrendered his all and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior… continue

Birth Place and Date: Marabella San Fernando, Trinidad W.I., October 23rd 1976.

Track Listing:
1. Keep On Pressing
2. Mighty Men Of God (Remix)
3. I Am Somebody
4. Take Me Back (Feat. Keron Ramsey)
5. Lord Of The Suddenly
6. Caribbean Praise
7. Pastoritis
8. Im Ma Halla Jesus
9. Boss
10. Not In Ah Dat
11. We Doh Fraid
12. You Dont Have To
13. Fire Of The Lord
14. God Will Judge Dem
15. Mighty Men Of God

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Hip Holy 2010

Here I leave this collection is not an official album, but I hope you like it. Leave your comments.

Artist: Various Artist
Album: Hip Holy
Release Date: 2010

Track Listing:

01 Santo Es Él Señor – Marcos Brunet
02 Satisfied Love – Sonicflood
03 Why – Kevin Gray
04 Everlasting – Eternal Blaze
05 Reach My Destination – F.A.I.T.H.
06 Shout it Out Remix – Stevo & Jimmy D (Feat. Dj N´lyte)
07 IOU Me – Eternal Blaze
08 My Heart - Spit Unity
09 She Cries… – TrePeace
10 U Are All – Wit & Dre murray
11 Rescue Me – Dre murray
12 We Give Glory – Toussaint
13 Front Runners – JB Real
14 Im Free – JB-Real (Feat. F.A.ME & Se7en)
15 I’m A Believer – Tedashii (Feat. Trip Lee & So
16 Pour It Out – Lil iROCC Williams (ft. A7)
17 The Wedding Song – Messenja
18 My sustenance - Christafari

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