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Hello Kelly – Hello Kelly (2oo8)

Artist: Hello Kelly
Album: Hello Kelly
Release Date: Apr 15  2oo8
Style: Pop/Rock/Powerpop
Label: Fearless
Location: Nashville, TN

Track Listing:

01 – 10 Good Reasons
02 – Bring It Broken
03 – Favorite Arcade
04 – Disappearing
05 – Fall Over Me
06 – Simple Love Song
07 – Radio Edit Interlude
08 – The Right Thing
09 – Wait For Dreams
10 – No Time For Tears
11 – Paper Bag Princess (Hey Elizabeth)
12 – My Girlfriend
13 – Thinking Positive


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Krystal Meyers – Krystal Meyers (2oo5)

Artist: Krystal Meyers
Album: Krystal Meyers
Release Date: Jun 07  2oo5
Style: Rock/Pop/Christian
Label: Provident Label Group, LLC
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, US


Krystal Meyers is a 19-year old singer songwriter from Nashville, USA. Her debut self-titled album which features her hit single ‘Anticonformity’, helped Krystal to gain a reputation as a talented artist who despite her young age, addresses controversial, serious & yet common issues faced by the young generation in her music. Her music combines hard-edged rock with smooth acoustic melodies. Make Some Noise is Meyers’ third studio album. The 10-track project, entirely written or co-written by Meyers, was recorded in Brentwood, Tenn. at Dutchland Studio, and was produced by Doubledutch (Robert Marvin and Josiah Bell). Musically, the title-track, Make Some Noise, is a delicious pop confection, but lyrically it’s a bold call to stand up for what you believe. Meyers first burst on the scene with her self-titled debut in 2005, spawning her breakthrough hit Anticonformity, a song she wrote at camp before entering ninth grade. Her debut set spawned 4 Top Ten singles and also launched her career abroad. Her sophomore album, Dying For a Heart, solidified Meyers’ earning her a second Dove nomination in the female vocalist of the year category and boosting her audience overseas, earning her major pop star status in Japan. BMG. 2008.

Track Listing:

1. The Way to Begin
2. My Savior
3. Fire
4. Fall to Pieces
5. Reflections of You
6. Lovely Traces
7. Anticonformity
8. Rescue Me
9. Sing For Me
10. Can’t Stay


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Jesus Wept – Show’s Over (2006)

Jesus Wept - Show's Over (2006)

Artist: Jesus Wept
Album: Show’s Over
Release Date: April 11th, 2006
Style: Hardcore / Punk / Metal
Label: Strikefirst Records
Location: ERIE, Pennsylvania


Faithful rejoice! The legendary hardcore line-up that helped mold hardcore as we know it through bands such as xDisciplex AD, Shockwave and now Jesus Wept, bring you their latest incarnation on Shows Over with pounding rhythms that are as heavy as the melodies are catchy. Last year Jesus Wept released their debut EP Sick City that was quickly received by their devoted following and widely revered as a hardcore classic gaining them massive press exposure inspiring Skratch Magazine to say the album will satisfy you in every way. Shows Over brings a very personal story of overcoming in the midst of the crushing pain and struggles of life, remaining dedicated and encouraging others. A message we all need to hear sound-tracked by hooks that you will be humming all day long! Comparable to Blood For Blood, Life Of Agony and Hatebreed; get ready for your favorite album of 2006!


Reviews & Opinions:

“For fans of xdisciplex a.d. (obviously) Jesus Wept picks up where they left off with this cd. When I heard there EP, I couldnt wait for the full length. All the songs are good, all of them. Some have clean vocals, but its pretty much straight up hardcore, no emo trash or trashy metal. But there are some sweet solos. I cant stop listening to the title track, and Human Wasteland, Dedicated, and OMG. God Bless.” – Nichols

“when I put this band on, it sounded like Earth Crisis at first. Jesus Wept, in addition to sounding a little like Earth Crisis, also has clean vocals. it is not clear who they are trying to imitate, but they sound like they are blazing their own path. despite being a metal band, they are very uplifting. you don’t get very many bands that are uplifting. also, despite the clean voice, they don’t come off as poppy. look at it this way: they sound like a Christian version of Earth Crisis mixed with a little bit of Helmet. song no. 5, entitled “Broken Crown” has a clean voice throughout the song, and then the hardcore voice resumes on song no.6. if you love Facedown and Strike First artists, put this in your collection. ” - Beagley

Jesus Wept.jpg
Track Listing:
1. Show’s Over
2. Blackout
3. Break Me
4. Human Wasteland
5. Broken Crown
6. Dedicated
7. Against the Grain
8. OMG
9. Nine
10. Still Fighting
11. The Final Word
12. Dear Brothers

For previews have a listen  on their Myspace or PureVolume!
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I Am Alpha And Omega – The Roar And The Whisper ‘2010

I Am Alpha And Omega - The Roar And The Whisper '2010

Artist: I Am Alpha And Omega
Album: The Roar And The Whisper
Release Date: August17th, 2010
Style: Christian / Post-Hardcore / Emo
Label: Tragic Hero Records

Location: Milford, NJ

I Am Alpha And Omega Members: Donny Hardy, Peach Hardy, Ilya Fish, Scott Soffer, Dillon Thornberry


“Diversity” is not a word you would use to describe heavy music today. But I Am Alpha and Omega’s new record “The Roar and the Whisper” is going to change that. Displaying a passionate conviction and songwriting ability that is all but gone in the genre, “The Roar and the Whisper” is a breath of fresh air. Working with producer Dave Swanson (ex-Life in Your Way, current-The Frozen Ocean) helped the band to focus and expand at the same time to create a vast record that take the best parts of the past while charging forward into uncharted terrority.

Vocalist, Donny Hardy, says, “For a long time our focus was building our live show and playing out as much and as far reaching as possible. This album is a culmination of our passion and dedication to this band for the last 3 ? years. By far and away it is not only the best thing we’ve ever done, but a true representation of the band.”

Donny Hardy, Peach Hardy, Ilya Fish, Scott Soffer, Dillon Thornberry

About the new album, Hardy says, “The album name was the first thing that fell into place. We knew that spiritually, emotionally, and musically this album was going to be both roar and whisper, and spread itself across many genres. This album is so diverse musically, but I think there is a vein of reverant emotion and ferocity that runs through its entirety that creates a cohesiveness that is unmatched”.

Relying not on cliches but on well written songs to set them apart from the pack, I Am Alpha and Omega are destined for great things in 2010. About the future of the band, Hardy says, “The world says we should be fitting a societal mold, but we all know our calling is to be playing music and be out on the road.” – “The Roar and the Whisper” is set to be released nationwide summer 2010.

I Am Alpha And Omega: Donny Hardy, Peach Hardy, Ilya Fish, Scott Soffer, Dillon Thornberry

Track Listing:

01.The Lost And The Captor (02:44)
02.My Greatest Need (03:30)
03.The Roar And The Whisper (03:01)
04.Irreversible (02:58)
05.Deceiver (02:55)
06.The Rescue (02:33)
07.The Bride (03:28)
08.Wolves (03:50)
09.Beaten, Betrayed, Denied (03:05)
10.A Whistle Falls (02:45)
11.Chasing (04:59)
12.Outro (02:28)


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Take It Back! – Can’t Fight Robots (2oo8)

Take It Back! - Can't Fight Robots (2oo8)

Artist: Take It Back!
Album: Can’t Fight Robots
Release Date: Jun 24  2008
Style: Hardcore / Punk / Christian
Label: Facedown  Records
Location: North West, Arkansas, US


Take It Back! are taking the US by storm this summer with the release of their debut album Can t Fight Robots . After being referred to Facedown Records by many of the bands presently on the label for their energetic live show and infectiously catchy brand of melodic hardcore, the band was signed, and within just months had toured the US, played at the sold out Facedown Fest 2008 and recorded Can t Fight Robots at The Foundation with Joey Sturgis (Devil Wears Prada, Kingston Falls). With non stop touring already confirmed as well as a stop at this summer s Cornerstone Festival, it s only a matter of time before these Arkansas natives are leading the pack of the new breed of melodic and positive hardcore bands.

Take It Back! - Can't Fight Robots (2oo8)

Track Listing:

1. Standing On The Edge of Hope
2. Times Have Changed
3. Together Burning Bright
4. These Days
5. Lights In This Town
6. A New Day
7. The Truth
8. Knees To The Earth
9. Time Waits For No Man
10. A Struggle To Stay Standing
11. Act Your Age Not Your Shoe Size
12. All That Keeps Us Strong

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