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Stan Whitmire – Shelter fro The Storm’2010

Artist: Stan Whitmire
Album: Shelter fro The Storm
Release Date: May 18th, 2010
Style: Instrumental

Location: Atlanta, GA


Dove Award-nominated Stan Whitmire has a list of accomplishments which are as astoundingly diverse as they are impressive. He brings to each performance a rich musical heritage spanning several generations and covering a variety of musical styles. For the past 31 years, Stan has played an integral part in the music ministries of one of the nation’s leading churches, Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta. Some of his musical credits include serving for five years as keyboardist for the Grammy Award-nominated and Dove Award-winning group The Nelons, traveling with them throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.


Stan has worked with award-winning pianist, Dino Kartsonakis, on his Christmas Pianorama production and occasional other showcases. In addition to playing for The Nelons, Stan has also accompanied Dana Blackwood, The Booth Brothers, Andy Chrisman (4-HIM), Geron and Becky Davis, Michael English, Larry Ford, The Gaither Vocal Band, Alicia Williamson Garcia, Greater Vision, Mark Harris (4-HIM), Amy Lambert, LordSong, Mark Lowry, The Martins, Babbie Mason, Cindy Morgan, Jerome Olds, Paul Overstreet, Janet Paschal, George Beverly Shea, Mike Speck, John Starnes, and others. As a featured soloist and accompanist on many of the Bill and Gloria Gaither Homecoming video projects, Stan often works with the Gaithers both in the studio and on occasional concert dates.


In 1997 he began working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as an accompanist and vocalist, ministering at various national crusades and conferences. Stan is also involved with In Touch Ministries ( Dr. Charles Stanley) playing for rallies across the country and cruises to Alaska, Greece and the Caribbean. His most recent undertaking, since the fall of 2003, is being a part of Mark Lowry’s solo-concert dates. “Many artists with a high degree of technical training often play mechanically…they can play the notes but they can’t make music. Stan does both, accurately covering the entire keyboard, yet still making beautiful music, playing with deep emotion and a wonderful “touch” on the keyboard. His passionate presentation of varied stylings will lift your spirits and nourish your soul.” ~ Publisher and Friend

Track Listing:

01.  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
02.  There Is A Balm In Gilead
03.  Near To The Heart Of God
04.  Pass Me Not
05.  Abide With Me
06.  No, Not One
07.  No One Understands Like Jesus
08.  Leave It There
09.  In The Garden
10.  Does Jesus Care
11.  God Will Take Care Of You
12.  Under His Wings
13.  A Shelter In The Time Of Storm
14.  The Solid Rock
15.  Sheltered In The Arms Of God
16.  Living By Faith
17.  Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
18.  The Haven Of Rest
19.  Til The Storm Passes By
20.  I Need Thee Every Hour



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John Belt – Flight Of The Eagels ‘2009


Artist: John Belt
Album: Flight Of The Eagels
Release Date: 2009
Style: Praise / Worship / Instrumental


Flight of the Eagles Instrumental | John Belt & Mark Jobe Take flight with this new instrumental with John Belt & Mark Jobe on drums and percussion.  This instrumental will take you on a soaking and soaring journey into the heights of His Presence as you experience the glory, prophetic cadence and rhythmic flow that makes for a fun ride into the portals of heaven!  There are suddenlies in this that will make your hair stand on end…

Hi John… I just received Flight of the Eagles and The Portals of Heaven earlier this week and now have to find more of your throne room worship and soaking music. I can’t stop playing The Land of Awe! May God continue to inspire you to greater heights of worship!

As far as instrumentals, I love Flight of the Eagles.  It is the first one I’ve done with a “real drummer”!  Mark Jobe, the drummer, is highly skilled, out of the box and has a great anointing and flow. He travels on the road with JoAnn McFatter. (that says a lot) This turned out really nice, open and flowing with lots of adventure.  Some great soaking in it as well.  Great for travel down the road in your vehicle.  Have a little glory time.

John Belt has produced a variety of instrumental and worship CD projects to help people experience God in a tangible way. Through music and sound John opens doors in the Spirit through worship and sound to provide atmospheres for intimacy with God, healing, miracle and prophetic release in the manifested Presence of God.


Track Listing:

01. Launching Into The Light
02. I Send My Love
03. The Land Of Awe
04. Divine Door
05. Garden Of Glory
06. Dance Of The Nations
07. Heavenly Engagement
08. Flight Preparations
09. Flight Of The Eagles



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Regie Hamm – Set It On Fire ‘2010

Artist: Regie Hamm
Album: Set It On Fire
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Style: Christian Alt. Rock / Piano Rock
Label: Tate Music Group



Regie Hamm’s journey over the last 10 years has had all the twists, turns, and drama of a Hollywood movie. Only this wasn’t Hollywood, and the cast weren’t actors. A hit artist, producer, and songwriter, Regie Hamm has penned over 20 1 hits, many of them in the Christian market. He hit the Top 20 as an artist on the pop charts, and he saw his self-written song “Time Of My Life” stay at 1 for 4 months on the pop charts. Oprah called it the “theme song of the 2008 Summer Olympics,” and David Cook announced that with the song, Regie had hit a chord with people.

But the real story is Regie’s personal journey — He was raised in Pentecostal churches, tent revivals, and all night singings. Feeling born to create music, he experienced unprecedented success in the music industry in the 90’s with Grammy and Dove nominations, and winning SESAC’s Songwriter of the Year award four different times. But nothing would prepare him for the drama he would face in adopting a little girl from China, discovering her severe genetic disorder, and feeling helpless as he watched a life and a career spin out of control. Regie’s story is one of a man and his family overcoming enormous obstacles — a journey that would test not only his physical resources, but his faith. It is the rise, the fall, and the ultimate surrender of a man to God’s will, and the powerful journey that brought him full circle. His new single “Set It On Fire,” came to him during a recent photo shoot that involved the burning of a piano. “As the piano burned, I began singing a chorus. I didn’t sing it as something that might someday be a hit song. I didn’t try to sculpt it or shape it or make it into anything other than a prayer. As I travel the road laid out before me, I keep it close and know that it is a prayer from the purest place in my heart. My piano ultimately burned to the ground …so be it …”


Track Listing:

01. Set It On Fire
02. Full Circle
03. Not Today
04. Pictures Of People I Love
05. Leave Something Beautiful Alone (Leaning Tower)
06. Starlight
07. Don’t Know Much About Love
08. Welcome To Hollywood
09. The Water Is Free
10. Orphan’s Lullaby
11. Time Of My Life (Bonus)


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Cathy Mart – Plumage ‘2007

Artist: Cathy Mart
Album: Plumage
Release Date: April 3, 2007
Style: Worship / Instrumental

Label: Cathy Marti

Cathy lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and four children. She has always loved music and began writing songs in 2000. She leads worship for the prayer and healing ministry at her church, and has a heart for the hurting. She also has a desire and passion to see people come face to face with God through intimate worship.

She recently became interested in “soaking prayer.” It used to be called meditation, or waiting on the Lord. It is basically spending time with God, without any agenda of your own Letting Him do most of the talking, and believing that by spending quality time with Him, we can grow to be more like Him. She believes we need to learn how to be still and wait upon the Lord, especially in our hectic society. It has transformed her life and brought her into a deeper communion with the Lord. The music she writes comes from this place of intimacy where there is fullness of joy, love, healing, and peace.


Track Listing:

01. Soaring
02. Serenade
03. Wonders
04. Shelter
05. Eva’s Song
06. Close To Your Heart
07. Signature Of Love
08. Healing Wings
09. Longing
10. Transcending



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Parker Bryan – Inspirational Piano ‘2003

Artist: Parker Bryan
Album: Inspirational Piano
Release Date: 2003
Style: Instrumental


Track Listing:

01 Amazing Grace
02 Jesus Loves Me
03 Abide With Me
04 Peace In The Valley
05 The Old Rugged Cross
06 You’ll Never Walk Alone
07 How Great Thou Art
08 I’ve Got Peace Like A River
09 Blessed Assurance
10 For The Beauty Of The Earth
11 Great Is Thy Faithfulness
12 Bringing In The Sheaves
13 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
14 Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)



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