Michael Ketterer – Love/War/Solar System (2011)

Michael Ketterer - Love War Solar System

Artist: Michael Ketterer
Album: Love/War/Solar System
Release Date: July 25th, 2011
Style: Pop / Dance / Funk
Label: United Pursuit Records
Location: Chattanooga, TN

Michael Ketterer


“For so long the secular music world has been running the show as far as “new sound” goes and Christian music has been coming in second place.. and i believe that as Christians we are supposed to be the ones making the new sound that compels all people to listen.. resulting in all people getting exposed to something that is new and fresh from God and i believe that when people listen to this album they are getting exposed to just that. This album is so anointed and so fresh, and it led me right into the Father’s arms with every beat. God, i ask that you would keep pouring out more anointed and fresh lyrics and sounds through Michael Ketterer.. so the people can experience you and your love.. in the name of Jesus.” - Andrew

Listen below:

“This is so fun and different. You’ll be dancing around your house before you know it having your mind blow by thoughtful lyrics and the soulful voice of MK. I’m partial to this guy because he’s a friend of mine. You couldn’t ask for a more amazing guy and all that comes out in his music. Go ahead and pull the trigger, buy this album and clear out the furniture in your living room. “ - Dave

“f there is any question in your mind as to whether this album is worth the measly 10 bucks, let me swiftly allay your every fear–it is worth it. This album is incredibly creative, intimately worshipful, and profoundly prophetic. With sounds ranging anywhere from pop to dance to hip hop to funk to stadium worship to i-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it-because-i’ve-never-heard-it-before, Mr. Ketterer creates a genre entirely his own and carves a bold and daring path through the dense jungles of familiarity. If you feel your feet dragging along, stuck in the mires or boring and predictable music, go ahead and do yourself a gigantic favor and buy Love/War/Solar System. ” - Stencil

Michael Ketterer
Track Listing:

1. Love/War/Solar System Intro
2. Keep on Burning
3. Solar System
4. Watchout
5. Love in the City
6. Count Your Lovin (feat. Brandon Hampton)
7. Gonna Find Me
8. Wild One Michael
9. The Rock (feat. J. May)
10. Water Need
11. Shout It (feat. J. May)
12. Dusty Road



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