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My Epic – Broken Voice (2011)

Posted by Matthew On July - 8 - 2011

My Epic - Broken Voice (2011)

Artist: My Epic
Album: Broken Voice
Release Date: July 5th, 2011
Style: Indie / Acoustic / Rock
Label: Facedown Records / Dreamt Records
Location: Charlotte, NC


My Epic are back with Broken Voice , an acoustic-based EP filled with beautiful misfit songs written during the creation of 2010′s Yet that didn’t quite fit with the sound of that album. Now the band has made a home for those songs, simply written then fleshed out in the studio, on Broken Voice .

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According to vocalist and guitarist Aaron Stone, More than anything else Broken Voice is about joy. The last year of my life has been about finally learning that I don t have to fight G-d to get what I need. I don t have to prove myself to Him either. Jesus came precisely because none of my own methods would ever work. I had been striving so hard for perfection when all I ever had to do was surrender to it. I never knew where I was headed until G-d broke my will and gave me His. I never sung a song worth hearing until He broke my voice and made it His.


Broken Voice was recorded in March and April in Winston Salem, NC with Sid Mennon at Sleepwalker Studios. Sid and My Epic go back a long way, all the way to the days of recording demos, and the band wanted to pair up with him again for this EP so they could feel free to experiment with the sound. Most of Broken Voice was written at Machina House, a Christian mission house founded by the band in a poor neighborhood on Charlotte’s north side four years ago. “The seeds of these songs, musically and lyrically were planted firmly in the soil of our home community,” says Aaron. The band did spend a week in seclusion, locked away in a barn, “trying to make sense of all the parts, but overall it was a very smooth process. The songs had already taken their basic form in the living room and around the burn barrel at Machina House.”

My Epic

Broken Voice will be released July 5th, and although it is an altogether different sound for My Epic, Aaron notes “This record is not a permanent departure from where we have been headed in the past but simply another focused aspect of what the Lord has placed within us.Normally it would not be possible for us to put out two records one year apart but since these songs were so different it allowed us to keep creating in a vein that hadn t recently been depleted.”

Reviews & Opinions:

“Only found out about these guys two years ago but ive been a huge fan ever since. every song is full of passion and executed perfectly from my point of view. not just the same sound as everything seems to be these days but something truly unique and enjoyable enough to throw on repeat all day. stayed up til midnight just so i could buy this and after listening im glad i did” – Ryan Anderson


“My Epic is such a small band; it pains me to think of how often the general public is filled with garbage when here sits a band blooming with creativity and shining with an uplifting message. Though this album takes a softer approach than their previous efforts, it shows that My Epic still has much room to grow and improve as a band, especially in the midst of losing two members and gain two new ones. The softer approach also allows for their lyrical content to blossom. My Epic has been and always will be a strong Christian band, and this I appreciate just as much as their creativity.” – Cameron Gainey

My Epic

Track Listing:

1. Centuries

2. Beloved

3. Alone

4. Deathbed

5. Lazarus

6. Garden

7. Childbodybride

8. Doxology (Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow)

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One Response to “My Epic – Broken Voice (2011)”

  1. Patrick says:

    I thank the Lord Jesus for how he is working in and through you guys. I wouldn’t consider myself a fanboy of music scenes, but I listen to your music every day, because in your lyrics and the emotional expression of praise, I lift high my savior in my own heart. I hope this encourages you; I imagine you created your music specifically so that others would come to love the God of grace. I too was worthless, but He made me worthy. After I heard “Childbodybride” I began to see the doctrine of adoption everywhere in the Word… and I’m so thankful to be His son. Be prepared: when I see you guys in heaven I’m going to give you a big bro hug. Please continue to walk with Christ, and Lord willing He will allow you to continue your music ministry.

    Your friend and brother in Christ,

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