Skillet – Awake and Remixed EP (2011)

Skillet - Awake and Remixed EP (2011)

Artist: Skillet
Album: Awake and Remixed EP
Release Date: March 22nd, 2011
Style: Alternative / Rock
Label: Atlantic Records
Location: Memphis, TN



Skillet is about to release a 4 tracked remixed EP on the 22nd of March titled “Awake and Remixed EP”. The EP will only be available digitally, which means it can be purchased over at iTunes or AmazonMp3 or other retail online stores. The songs included have been previously released on their previous album “Awake” but this time you get them remixed. If you love Skillet and want to support what they’re doing it means you should go ahead and buy this, it was made for you.

Track Listing:

1. Awake and Alive (The Quickening)
2. Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)
3. Don’t Wake Me (Pull Remix)
4. Monster (Unleash The Beast)



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3 thoughts on “Skillet – Awake and Remixed EP (2011)”

  1. Amazing,
    Don’t Wake Me is almost better than the original, if thats possible!, I love it, But Awake and Alive has to be the best of the 4! Highly recommed it, well worth the cost. I recently saw the Awake tour in Melbourne, Australia and it rocked the shit out of any other concert I have seen. Supoort SKILLET!!

  2. i’ve downloaded every album skillet has and i think awake is the best. hope they don’t go techno.

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