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Kirk Franklin – Hello Fear (2011)

Posted by Matthew On March - 1 - 2011

Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear (2011)

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Album: Hello Fear
Release Date: March 22nd, 2011
Style: Gospel / Soul
Label: Fo Yo Soul Ent. / Verity Records
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Kirk Franklin


The acclaimed Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is releasing a new album on March 22nd. His album is titled “Hello Fear”. The 15 track album includes features from Marvin Sapp, Beverly Crawford, Mali Music, Isaac Carree, Marvin Winans, John P. Kee and Rance Allen.


Continue Reading + Listen to “I Smile” Single below:

With his new release Hello Fear, Kirk Franklin continues to prove why he is the top selling urban Gospel act of all time. Once again he delivers an array of spectacular music for Gospel music lovers young and old. His upcoming album challenges believers everywhere to stop, turn around, and face whatever fear might be hiding in their lives. Kirk delivers his signature songs as only he can – Before I Die is a rousing chant with a go-go beat that s sure to be a hit with the younger generation; I Am is a soaring ballad with beautiful melodies; and I Smile is classic Kirk a mid-tempo R&B laced track that is sure to become a universal anthem. And, as only he can, Kirk bridges the generation gap as well. He teams up with Gospel luminaries Rance Allen, Beverly Crawford and Marvin Sapp, then flips the switch and partners with newcomer Mali Music. Once again, Kirk Franklin has managed to tap into the pulse of what s on people s minds and set it all to music. So get ready to say Hello to a project that s destined to take the world by storm!

Kirk Franklin

Track Listing:

1. Hello Fear
2. The Story of Fear
3. Before I Die
4. I Am
5. But The Blood
6. Everyone Hurts
7. I Smile
8. Give Me featuring Mali Music
9. Never Alone Interlude
10. The Altar featuring Marvin Sapp & Beverly Crawford
11. Something About The Name Jesus Pt. 2

(featuring Rance Allen, Marvin Winans, John P. Kee & Isaac Carree)
12. Today
13. The Moment #1
14. The Moment #2
15. A God Like You

Listen “I Smile” Single:

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15 Responses to “Kirk Franklin – Hello Fear (2011)”

  1. josueturri says:

    god bless…!!!!! respect

  2. mastermix2011 says:

    gracias gracias

  3. Daniel Carvajal says:

    como lo puedo bajar? no se como bajar ningun disco

  4. dgaanc says:


  5. ilyzx says:

    Thx!~It’s cool

  6. Daniel says:

    I cant wait for this CD to come out!!

  7. Mr_Freak says:


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  9. james says:


  10. 4Here says:

    I just want to know where and when I can buy the album! I Smile is a great song!

  11. ernie says:

    i am al smiles

  12. Josh says:

    Great album!

  13. epotimet says:

    ℓ̊ love all the tracks. They all speak Τ̲̅ȍ me

  14. korkie says:

    This song is so inspirational, and really lifts you up. The song is already making it’s way to a universal anthem. So beautiful.

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