Ish-iLLa – Stronger Than Before (2011)

Ish-iLLa - Stronger Than Before (2011)

Artist: Ish-iLLa
Album: Stronger Than Before
Release Date: February 4th, 2011
Style: Gospel / Hip Hop / R&B
Label: Brand New Era inc.
Location: Chicago, IL



Born and raised in the streets of southside Chicago, Ish-illa endured a very poor lifestyle being raised in ISLAM. He lived most his life in shelters, other peoples homes or homeless on the streets, and even thow Ish-illa  had a gift of singing and writing his pain in his songs, going threw the court systems and being neglected alot, later on drove him to be a young drug dealer and convicted criminal by the time he was a young man. A little time later he started remember childhood memories of loving people and families taking him in and telling him about JESUS, now tugga warring at his heart and battling with himself Ish-illa kept drinking heavier everyday.


Listen to “Greater is What I am” Single below:

Hating who he was, at a desperate attempt Ish-illa wanted to take his own life because of confusion and wickedness that tormented him from his past!! But instead Ish-illa took his life and gave it to JESUS, and from that moment on Ish-illa has lived a blessed and prosperous life ministering to many of those who has had a difficult life as he had, ISH-ILLA and his wife Shinobu started a homeless ministry on the streets feeding, clothing and loving those who are less fortunate and touching so many different lives and families around the world, he’s now coming out with his new anticipated album which is a testimony to how god has changed his life and others around him “STRONGER THAN BEFORE” ( which he literally wrote,produced and sung) set to release Feb. 4 off his label Brand New Era inc. is a powerful masterpiece, inspired by the lord he says, Ish-illa has inspired many who’s watched his true growth and met him personally. His future is very bright indeed and he says he gives all glory to his

Ish-iLLa - Stronger Than Before (2011)
Track Listing:
2.War with Myself
3.Greater is What I am
4.Chicago 82′
5.Love is The Light
6.Thinkin’ about You
7.Fulfill My Destiny
8.He Saved My Life
9.Tired Of runinn’
10.Stronger Than Before
11.Dream Of Heaven
12.Fight So Hard


Listen to “Great is What I am” Single:

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5 thoughts on “Ish-iLLa – Stronger Than Before (2011)”

  1. Peace Ish Illa,

    I’m feeling the positive vibes. I heard you on Madison Media!

    Kamal Imani

    Bless The Mic Magazine

  2. Met this man on Venice Beach & bought the album. Didn’t know alot about it ’til I got home to Australia and started playing it. Now we play it everyday! This man has a powerful testimony, and a fabulous talent to tell it with. Do yourself a favour, and have a listen!

  3. i met you on venice beach, love your music. You have really touched me. God is an amazing God. I know you will grow and succeed in your business and in your walk with our Glorious King, much love to you brother!!

  4. I also met Ish Illa on Venice Beach and bought the CD after a lil listen, I liked what I heard , U are truly blessed and have a gifted talent. Continue, cause Great is what u r…a fellow chicagoan…

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