I Am Empire – Kings (2011)

I Am Empire - Kings (2011)

Artist: I Am Empire
Album: Kings
Release Date: January 25th, 2011
Style: Rock / Alternative / Progressive
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Location: San Jose, CA

I Am Empire: Austin Lyons, Andrew Stanton, Dan Otis, Eric Martin, Joshua Case.


Sometimes the most compelling art can come from life’s greatest struggles, which in the case of Tooth & Nail newcomers I Am Empire, only added fuel to the group’s already blazing alternative rock fire. Though the San Jose-bred fivesome had no trouble igniting the local scene since forming in 2008, including dates alongside Flyleaf, Sublime, Deftones, Silversun Pickups and The Wedding, a pair of charting singles (“You’re A Fake” and “The Elevator”), plus additional acclaim from Alternative Press, AOL’s Spinner.com and San Francisco’s LIVE105 radio station, much of the catalyst behind the band’s label debut Kings stems from front man Austin Lyons’ fractured upbringing. I Am Empire blends a passionate Rock vibe with a balance of hooks that will be ringing through your head for years.


Listen to “Saints & Sinners” single below:

I Am Empire: Austin Lyons, Andrew Stanton, Dan Otis, Eric Martin, Joshua Case.

Track Listing:

1. Brain Damage
2. Heart Attack
3. Saints & Sinners
4. Hammers & Anvils
5. Love & Despair
6. To The Moon
7. The Elevator
8. Dig You Out
9. Take Me Away
10. You’re A Fake
11. Foxhole
12. Its Not Fair

I Am Empire - Saints & Sinners [Single] (2011)


Brain Damage:


Saints & Sinners:


Hammers & Anvils:



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7 thoughts on “I Am Empire – Kings (2011)”

  1. I thought I would download this one and check it out but again no download link?

    This is clearly an epidemic. Look, I used to LOVE this site. I’ve been VERY grateful for the being able to hear some music because of this site. But you NEVER used to have so many posts like this without download links. What the heck is happening? You’ve descended straight to worthlessness. It’s ugly.

  2. Pretty cool sound.
    Hey Zooma. There are plenty of places around to hear the album and if you really like it, support the band and buy it instead of stealing it.

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