Lecrae – Rehab: The Overdose (2011)

Lecrae - Rehab: The Overdose (2011)

Artist: Lecrae
Album: Rehab: The Overdose
Release Date: January 11’th, 2011 (1.11.11)
Style: Rap / Hip-Hop
Label: Reach Records / Central South Records
Location: Atlanta, GA



Lecrae will be back right at the start of 2011 with his new album (sort of a part #2 for Rehab released back in 2010 which was a huge success for both “Lecrae Moore” the singer and his Label). Lecrae will be featuring Suzy Rock, Thi’sl, Canon and more. Also, Reach Records has released the single “Overdose”. It’s already on iTunes and Amazon, also the album is available for Pre-Order in full at their merch store here. Checking in to rehab was only the beginning, there is always more.



Album description:

“Around every corner is the lure to consume. A desire to be satisfied. Unfortunately no human being has found anything under the sun that brings satisfaction. So we consume more, and more, and more. Eventually we overdose. However, there is hope if Christianity is our Rehab. In Jesus satisfaction can be found. Grace, love, peace and hope can be found… and there is always more. Consume more of Jesus. Overdose.”



Track Listing:

1. Overdose

2. More

3. Battle Song ft Suzy Rock

4. Anger Management ft Thi’sl

5. Blow Your High ft Canon

6. Strung Out

7. Chase That Intro

8. Chase That (Ambition)

9. The Good Life ft J. Paul

10. Like That

11. Going In ft Swoope

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