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Wes Hampton – A Man Like Me (2010)

Posted by Krack On October - 11 - 2010

Wes Hampton - A Man Like Me (2010)

Artist: Wesley Hampton
Album: A Man Like Me
Release Date: September, 14, 2010
Style: Southern Gospel
Label: Gaither Music Group
Location: Birmingham, AL

Wes Hampton alongside his quartet Gaither Vocal Band


Wes grew up with an admiration for music, especially the music of Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Michael English and the iconic Gaither Vocal Band. He sang in two groups while in high school, where he traveled locally and performed concerts. Wes later attended Trevecca Nazarene University from 1996 until 1998, where he sang lead for the Trevedores, a gospel quartet.  He moved to Birmingham, Alabama and married his wife, Andrea, in 1998.  Wes finished his B.A. in psychology and minor in music in August of 2000 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Wes was part of the worship staff at a local church in Birmingham for seven years, until he accepted the tenor position for the Gaither Vocal Band in June of 2005.

Wes won the 2006 Singing News Horizon Individual Fan Award for best new artist and was nominated with the Gaither Vocal Band for a Grammy in 2007 (“Give it Away”) and in 2008 (“Lovin’ Life”). Wes’s first project with the Gaither Vocal Band, “Give it Away,” won three Dove Awards from the GMA in 2007 for best southern gospel song of the year, best southern gospel record of the year and best long form video of the year.  Wes’s third album with the Gaither Vocal Band, “Lovin’ Life,” won a Grammy in 2009 for best southern gospel or country bluegrass album as well as a Dove Award. The GVB’s project, “Reunited,” received a Dove Award in 2010 for best southern gospel record of the year. Wes released his first solo album in September of 2010, titled “A Man Like Me.

Aside from his obvious love of music and family, Wes loves to cook and considers cooking to be a passion of his. In fact, Wes released his first cookbook, “A Place at the Table: Hampton Favorite Family Recipes,” in 2009. Wes and Andrea reside in the Birmingham area and have four little boys: Barrett, 6 years old, Hudson, 4 years old, Carden, 1, and Sutton, born January of 2010.

Wes Hampton

Track Listing:

One Day
A Man Like Me
Find Me
Because Of Love
If Sunday Had Not Come
Sweet Surrender
New Day
Heal The Wound
Jesus Saves
It Is Well With My Soul

Debut CD

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