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Marco Barrientos – Transformados (2010)

Posted by Krack On October - 17 - 2010

Marco Barrientos - Transformados (2010)

Artist: Marco Barrientos
Album: Transformados
Release Date: 2010
Style: Latino
Label: N/A
Location: N/A

Language: Spanish/Español



Track Listing:

01. Nuestro Dios
02. Cantamos Aleluya
03. Digno De Honor
04. Transformados
05. Nunca Pasara
06. Tu Gloria
07. Canto Espontaneo
08. Espontaneo Musical
09. Hazme Como Tu
10. Por Siempre
11. Eres Rey
12. En Espiritu Y En Verdad
13. Reprise


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7 Responses to “Marco Barrientos – Transformados (2010)”

  1. Apolo says:

    Maravilloso. Muchas gracias. Dios los bendiga. Shalom

  2. Marenoztro says:

    There’s no one better, there’s no one greater than this Spanish spoken Minister

  3. Marenoztro says:

    There’s no one better, there’s no one greater than this Minister

  4. deralex says:

    If you guys really appreciate the music, the ministry and the touch of God you may receive whenever you hear his songs, then you should be more grateful and buy his album instead of download it for free.

  5. natan says:

    this is great

  6. victor arias says:

    marcos barrientos knows how to write songs really

  7. Que onda says:

    Como se desarga el cd porfavor!!

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