Thad Cockrell – To Be Loved (2009)

Artist: Thad Cockrell
Album: To Be Loved
Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Style: Pop / Indie/ Country
Label: Yep Rock Records / Major 7 Music
Location: Nashville, TN / Raleigh, NC

Thad Cockrell


Cockrell is the only child amongst three sons not to become a pastor. While Cockrell has many songs reflecting his faith, it has been noted that Cockrell’s overall body of work doesn’t consistently contain these themes. He has commented that he has “lost fans for his religious convictions and alienated some Christians with songs that aren’t always about God”. An extensive Cockrell feature in Independent Weekly¬† concludes that “archetypal conflict-secular pleasures and aims versus Christian tenets and rules has powered Cockrell’s songwriting”.

Singer-songwriter Thad Cockrell offered up quite the gift this week: His LP, To Be Loved, is available as a free download for two weeks via online music hub NoiseTrade. The set a fleshing out of his 2007 EP of the same name, including the lovely, shuffly, Simon & Garfunkel-y standout “A Country of My Own” was originally made available in October of 2009. But the singer noted via Twitter that he hoped to give it a boost toward a broader audience, thus the gifting, which kicked off this Monday.


To Be Loved is the kind of record that puts things in perspective. Knowing a little bit about the artist, a preacher’s son who grew up in a home where secular music was forbidden and a graduate of Liberty University (founded by Jerry Falwell). I can’t imagine what realms of the soul he visited to write the songs on this exquisite recording. All I know is that it takes me places very few other contemporary artists can. “Pride (Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going),” “Beauty Has A Name,” “Rejoicing,” “Oh To Be Loved” any one of these treasures is worth the price of admission here. And collectively, it’s as compelling a project as I’ve heard in a very long time.


Band Members:

Kenny Vaughn: electric guitar | Aaron Oliva: bass | Evans Nicholson: drums | Mark Pisapia: drums | Joe Pisapia: electric guitar | Jason Lehning: bass | Alyn Love: pedal steel | Al Perkins: pedal steel | Kenny Hutson: pedal steel | Nate Stalfa: drums | Courtland Clement: guitar | Julie Lee: background vocals | Lex Price: guitars | Ian Fitchuck: drums | Logan Matheny: drums | Jeff Irwin: Bass.

Thad Cockrell.jpg

Track Listing:

1. Pride (Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going)
2. Beauty Has A Name
3. Great Rejoicing
4. A Country of My Own
5. The Master’s Calling
6. Rosalyn
7. He Set Me Free
8. Look Up Sarah
9. I Cry
10. Oh To Be Loved

Listen to Thad Cockrell’s “To Be Loved“:

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