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He Is We – Old Demos ’2010

Posted by solomon On June - 26 - 2010

Artist: He Is We
Album: Old Demos
Release Date: 2010
Style: Indie / Alternative / Lyrical

Location: Tacoma, WA


Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor work at Ted Brown Music together in Tacoma, WA. When you spend a lot of time with someone and you don’t end up hating them… chances are you’re going to be great pals. They both play music but oh so different kinds. Rachel is into indie pop… melodic metal… and girlie stuff. Trevor is into the hardcore metal that talks about bloody things and such. Oh the madness!


But it just clicked…

The band has changed its members around a bit trying to find the ones that fit. Its all about the right combination. Everythings finally settling down.

Track Listing:

01. I Wouldn’t Mind
02. Blame It On The Rain (Acoustic Guitar)
03. Breathe
04. Pardon Me (Acoustic Guitar)
05. Blame It On The Rain (Acoustic)
06. Give It All
07. Happily Ever After (Acoustic)
08. Light A Way
09. Pardon Me
10. Pour Me Out
11. Too Beautiful
12. Radio
13. House of the Rising Sun (cover)

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Not a Christian Band!

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7 Responses to “He Is We – Old Demos ’2010”

  1. draey says:


  2. JessicaKarli says:

    They’re both Christians. But they don’t identify themselves as a Christian band.

  3. JessicaKarli says:

    Also, thanks for linking to the fansite, I run it. :D

  4. bahashelby says:

    i think theyre christian
    that would be great if they are

  5. lollipop says:

    i hope they are cuz i looooooove their music!!!!!!!

  6. timmy4man says:

    I would really hope He is We is a Christian band, cause their music is so uplifting… Also, there’s a song on the “My Forever” album featuring Aaron Gillepsie, who is the frontman for Christian band The Almost, and was a former member of Christian metal band Underoath. So I’m pretty sure they’re Christian.

  7. GiaMyLove says:

    Well from the looks of it and comments they may be christian and i also hope they are, i found them by the song ‘Pardon Me’, i dont recall how i found it but then i heard ‘His Name’ and completely fell in love with it along with the same curiosity(: <3 well point is i love their songs.

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