Bishop Paul S. Morton – Memorable Moments (2010)

Bishop Paul S. Morton - Memorable Moments (2010)

Artist: Bishop Paul S. Morton
Album: Memorable Moments
Release Date: March 2nd, 2010
Style: Gospel / R & B / Choir
Label: Light Records
Location: Franklin, TN


Memorable Moments with Bishop Paul S. Morton represents a 25 year musical journey that began in 1983 with his first solo album, Jesus, when trouble burdens me down. From there, Bishop Paul S. Morton, as a solo artist, along with the greater st. Stephen church choir or when ably backed by the full gospel baptist fellowship mass choir has released countless memorable, award winning albums. From the early recordings to the more recent chart topping hits from let it rain, season’s change, embracing a generation, and cry your last tear, Bishop Paul S. Morton has cemented his place as one of gospel’s most remarkable vocalists. Bishop Paul S. Morton always delivers music that heals the soul, ministers to the heart, and feeds the spirit. Come along and relive the Memorable Moments.

METROPOLITAN ATLANTA Bishop Paul S. Morton at the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Church, a branch of a New Orleans church that opened in Decatur after the storm. The church received a $500,000 gift, and attendance has soared.

Track Listing:
1. Your Tears
2. Bow Down
3. Let It Rain
4. Nothing But the Blood (The Cross and Blood Medley)
5. I’m Still Standing
6. Be Blessed
7. Cry Your Last Tear
8. That’s Reason Enough
9. Don’t Do It Without Me
10. His Yoke Is Easy
11. We Offer Christ
12. So That…


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